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Here at Vitality Medical Massage & Bodywork we have licensed medical massage practitioners and licensed massage therapists that have extensive experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry serving the public for over a decade. 


How We Can Help You

Through extensive training and continuing education our practitioners and therapists we have successfully treated many conditions. We have several options when it comes to your sessions.


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 Here at Vitality Medical Massage & Bodywork we strive to provide the best client satisfaction Massage in Beaver Falls, Chippewa Twp, Beaver, Darlington and surrounding communities.

Our Exclusive Services


CBD Treatment

CBD CLINIC™ Professional Series topical medications are the first and only non-prescription ointments and creams that combine FDA-approved active ingredients and hemp extract. Our Revolutionary Pain Relief products are formulated with natural emollients to help active analgesic compounds penetrate deep to quickly increase blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupt pain signaling.

CBD CLINIC is helping my patients with rheumatoid arthritis, back and shoulder pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia and other indications. I have to keep ordering more."


Medi Cupping Therapy

MediCupping™ uses a machined to create the suction and pumping movements that are normally done with manual vacuum pistols, to create a soothing, consistent and effective treatment without strain on the therapist or client. A brief experience will illustrate the immediate treatment applications, as well as the invaluable information that the body reveals through the lens of the cup. This presentation will explain the effects of VacuTherapies™ on the body and how these effects can result in dramatic changes in client conditions. As an adjunct therapy to chiropractic manipulations, medical protocols and surgical recovery, MediCupping™ therapy accelerates patient progress … leading to happy clients and increased referrals from medical professionals!

One experience will leave you asking … “Why didn’t someone show me this before?”


Accupoint Treatment

Do you want the amazing health results found with acupuncture, but don't like having to use needles? The Pointer Plus acupuncture provides the same stimulation as needles, but without the fuss. The Pointer Plus senses small variances in heat resistance of the skin, indicating the location of an accu-point. The flashing light and audible sound alertalerts the professional to the location of a point that should be treated. Then the device sends 10 Hz of microcurrent electro-acupuncture stimulation to that point.

The overall process is very fast, providing quick relief where you need it.

Our Team



I began my healthcare career while in my freshman year in high school attending vocational school for Certified Nursing Assistant, at graduation I then went on to CCBC for their nursing program. Working for 10 years in various fields where I ended  in UPMC Orthopedic Rehabilitation that's when I knew I had found my passion. I wanted to help people on another level.  "It is my mission to deliver healthcare services that would enable people with lifelong conditions, chronic or acute pain, or other forms of debilitation and misery to be able to experience relief and wellness...without drugs or surgeries that often do not get to the root cause of the pain!" Through clinical massage therapy each client is treated as an individual and has a customized treatment plan created just for them!

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